Sympli Natural: African Ripe Plantain (Dodo)™ Review

Hello and Happy New Year!

I’ve decided to do a review of a relatively new food product I stumbled across during my weekly shop at the supermarket late last year. I hope to keep this aspect of the blog going as it’s a great way for me to share any new convenience food products with you (especially African ones) that I stumble upon. If there are any you’d like me to review, do let me know either in the comments section below or via my ‘Contact Me‘ page…Enjoy!!

This week, it’s all about Sympli Naturals’ African Ripe Plantain (Dodo)™.

© Sympli Natural™

Anyone who knows me understands the love affair I have for Plantain, especially perfectly fried Plantain a.k.a ‘Dodo’. I have been in love with plantain since we first met back in Lagos Nigeria lol. I can eat it steamed, grilled, fried whatever!

You can imagine my joy whilst strolling past the frozen food aisle in my local supermarket here in London to pay for my weekly shop as this delightful package caught my eye… I don’t know if it was the love of dodo that pushed me to buying this product or the fact that it was the very last one in the freezer – either way, I couldn’t wait to try it out and see if it would be as good as making dodo from fresh plantains.

Once I got home, I decided to have some left over jollof rice with the Sympli Natural African Ripe Plantain (Dodo)™. 

  • Price:

Normally £2.50, but bought on special offer for £2.00.

£2.00 is not bad considering you can get 3 x plantains for £1-£1.20. I felt like I was paying for the product as well as the convenience. Also, this product is actually processed and shipped from Nigeria, so well worth it for that authentic taste of home.

Score – 5/5

  • Packaging:

First impressions – Excellent packaging. It’s very clear what the product is and it has clear timings as to how long it takes to make the product. It’s Halal and Kosher approved and has information in multiple languages.

I would have loved to see pictured steps as to how to make the product especially for those who have not tried the product before.

Score – 3/5

  • Product:

I had a bit of a wait at the supermarket before it got to my turn to pay for my things and I had a 10 minute walk home thereafter. I found that the plantain pieces were already melting before I chucked them into the freezer whilst I unpacked the remaining items in my shopping bag. I’d suggest taking a freezer bag with you to prevent this.

Once I opened the packaging, I immediately liked the product. It looked like your normal fried plantain and was sliced like I would myself. After frying, I personally found some of the plantain pieces a little too soft for my liking. I know some like their plantain really soft  and squidgy, but I prefer firm, sweet and ripe plantain pieces. I just selected the ones I liked :).

Frying was pretty straight forward as you can see and each side took about 2.5-3 minutes with a total frying time of about 6 mins.

And as you can see, the final result looks great! 

Product Score – 4/5

Overall Score – 12/15

I like this product and the convenience it offers. I wish the final fried product was a lot firmer, but its great for those that like very ripe, squidgy, sweet plantains. I’d definitely buy this product again.

The Simpli Natural™ range includes:

  • African yam chunks
  • African yam fries
  • Plantain chips
  • Sombo chilli
  • Tatase chilli
  • Atarodo chilli

Have you tried the Simpli Natural African Ripe Plantain (Dodo)™ or any other products? What did you think about it? How did you serve yours?

**P.S.: This is not a sponsored review**


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