A067D200-25B1-485F-9988-CFA8607B778CWelcome to International Native!

This blog is all about food and I created it to curate the dishes I have truly enjoyed making. Also, some of my friends have reached out to me about how I make certain dishes so i thought it’d be great to have a site they can visit whenever they need some food inspiration.

I tend to make Nigerian inspired dishes as well as dishes from all over the world that have piqued my interest over the years. I try to make my food look as natural as possible so as not to put you off should you wish to try it out for yourself. Hopefully you’ll give some of these dishes a try yourselves and let me know how you got on with creating your masterpiece 🙂

You’ll also find reviews of African convenience foods that I’ve come across. I have a demanding full time job and would love to spend all day in the kitchen (yeah right!), but that just isn’t feasible. So sometimes, I cut some corners by using some convenience foods that help me along the way (Tut Tut – I know!, I know!!). I will share these with you and give you my honest opinion on these products and will also let you know when I have used them in my recipes.

If you have a product that you think I should try out, do let me know, just send a message  via my contact page.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and reviews here – feel free to let me know your thoughts too in the comments section.

Atinsy x